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    SUNY MOOC on the Coursera Platform

    New York


    Collaborator on instruction and assessment for Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learners Massive Open Online Course.


    OPEN SUNY Fellow Chat



    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that encourage students to use their mobile phones in the classroom can offer a new level of curricular interactivity and engagement. This webinar introduces the philosophical framework for inviting mobile phones into the classroom and offer strategies for developing an effective web enhanced class.



    New York

    Travel blog and resources on hiking Wainwright's Coast to Coast "walk", over 190 miles across England.


    Edtech Game
    New York

    Developed in Ruby-on-Rails as part of my Ph.D. coursework in Literacy at Hofstra University, Feelings: a Proustian Quest offers players the chance to invent responses to Proust's 19th C. parlour questionnaire and to create poems inspired by those questions and their responses. 
    Hypertext Novella
    New York

    Developed in HTML with Kristina Seekamp Schaff, Echoes is a narrative of socioecomoic and geographic divide. 
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    Writings on EdTech, Literacy, and MOOCS

    Locate copies of my recent publications via World Cat library systems or send me a message if you would like a PDF.



    Writings on EdTech, Equity in Education, and Literacy

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